Coors Field is the 7.8th Best Stadium in the MLB 😉

Coors Field is the 7.8th Best Stadium in the MLB 😉

Despite the often lackluckster product on the field, Coors Field ranks near the top of most reviews of Major League Baseball ballparks for its location, view, and sunsets. I compiled reviews from a number of sites and here’s what they say.

The Rankings

I very unscientifically took the first 15 reviews from a Google search for “mlb stadium rankings”, averaged them all, and took a few notes if there were any meaningful comments on why Coors Field was ranked where it was. Here are the results that lead to the roughly 7 average.

For The Win7/10/236
Sports Naut4/5/234
The List Wire4/5/237
Sports Illustrated3/28/237
Stadium Journey12/25/228
For The Win4/2/226
Fox Sports7/20/212
Athlon Sports7/1/219
Ballpark Digest7/20/2015
Bleacher Report7/6/2010
The Things5/17/204
For The Win3/26/206

Maybe 2 from Fox Sports is a little high and maybe 15 from Ballpark Digest is a little low, but to each their own.


How did these sites come to their conclusions?

12 of the 15 mentioned specific features of the stadium or area that contributed to their ranking.

Food 🤔8%

The only one I have exception with is the food, which is really nothing to write home about. But, otherwise, I can’t complain.

Yes, I’m biased and I’m sure I’m part of the problem not boycotting and continuing to go to games even when the management clearly doesn’t care about winning, but Coors Field is a great venue to watch a ball game and keeps me coming back.